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Don´t despair, we have activities for your kids while waiting out hurricane Matthew.

Miami Family Tips.  If you are, like the rest of us Floridians, already sealed inside your home before the storm actually hits land and you are a parent, don´t despair.  Try not to freak out imagining being inside for another two days with kids. Don’t worry! We’ve researched ideas for hurricane family fun. These are ideas you can do without water and without power. We hope this lessens the boredom of keeping kids inside and safe during a storm or emergency.  Scroll down for hurricane family fun and please please all of you be safe!  Much love, The ENOC Family

1. Do art projects

2. Read books

3. Have a treasure hunt in the house

4. Pretend to go camping in the living room or in your safe room area

5. Letterbox in the house (Make clues or make a map that takes you on a scavenger hunt through the house. Make the clues for them, then have them do the clues for each other)

6. Play long car ride games in the house, like, “I spy, I spy something…”

7. Build something with blocks or Legos

8. Make musical instruments and then create a marching band.

9.  Go on a trip and learn geography and culture…with a travel book

10. Make paper bag puppets and then put on a puppet show

11. Put on a fashion show.

12. Puzzles

13. Do science experiments or engineering with marshmallows and toothpicks

14. Track the storm on your hurricane grid. Print one before the power goes out

15. Learn about hurricanes, geography of where the hurricane has hit, science behind them

16. Have a family talk: Go over the best part of their day, the saddest part of their day, and the funniest part of their day

17. Go over your family emergency communication plan

18. Clean and go through closets. Its a great time to organize and purge clothes and toys

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