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Reading aloud to children while share your own reactions the story and characters through voice or gestures is a way to keep it entertained.

When we read books with our children, it is not enough to just read aloud, there are more things that matter.

These three advices for reading aloud to children, will help you to do effective reading without losing the intention of the book.

1. Before Reading the Story

• Make sure everyone is comfortable and can see the book

• Read the title aloud

• Show children the cover of the book and talk about it

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2. While Reading the Story

• Make eye contact with children

• Vary your voice to fit the characters and plot

• Read one-to-one (or for toddlers, in very small groups)

• Stop sometimes to:

  1. Show the pictures
  2. Share your own reactions to the story and characters through voice or gestures
  3. Encourage children’s reactions to the story
  4. Encourage children to participate by: Inviting toddlers to join in with rhymes, sounds, and repeated words or phrases
  5. Imitating the children’s vocalizations and/or actions during the story
• Understand and change plans when children get tired or seem uninterested

3. After Reading the Story

• Give children opportunities to:

  1. Explore the book and/or props
  2. Talk about the story (toddlers)
• Re-read the book often with the children
References: The Learning to Read and Write Overview Neuman, Copple & Bredekamp. Three advices for reading aloud to children, 2000

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