Back-to-school Tips for Parents & Nannies

Back-to-school Tips for Parents & Nannies

Back-to-school: Miami-Dade Back-to-School is just around the corner.  August 19, 2013, couldn’t have come any faster, where did the summer go?  Want to start off the new school year on the right foot?  There are a few things children with the help of their parents and/ or nannies can do to not miss a beat in the classroom and outside the classroom at home to encourage learning and development.

Elite Nannies On Call, located in Miami, FL, has five ways to help your child start the school year successfully.

  1. Get involved: Go to parent-teacher conferences, hang up academic calendars and ask your children about what they’re excited about this school year. “emphasizing the importance of learning and academics to your children helps them build a healthy relationship with learning and it’s processes while at the same time creates a stronger family daily bond of communication,” owner Thalya Olmos said.
  2. Get to know the school and the teacher: Introduce yourself to your kids’ teachers and counselors and consider volunteering at the school to show that you care.
  3. Support attendance: Make sure your kids knows their attendance is and necessary for positive academic results.  Help by minimizing the amount of time you take them out of class – schedule family vacations and appointments that do not disrupt child’s attendance at school.
  4. Set expectations together: By coming up with attainable academic goals with your child, you ensure that you both know what to expect at the end of the quarter and your child will know what he or she is expected to do to reach those goals. Olmos emphasized the importance of realistic goals though.
  5. Encourage outside curricular involvement: A healthy balance of academics and athletics or creative activities helps in diversifying a child’s learning and social development.

Olmos also suggested be aware of your child’s learning style is before he or she goes back to school – there are free online assessments and quizzes that can be attained to assist you and your child in maximizing their learning skills at their fullest potential. Teaching your child the importance of organizational skills is another important strategy for starting the year strong.

For more information, see the Elite Nannies On Call website  or call (305) 771-3816/ (954) 319-4441.

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