Tips for back to work after having a baby

Back to work after having a baby is a challenge
Back to work after having a baby is a challenge, Because you do not know if can work of the same way than when you didn’t have children.

Moms returning to work — and yes, dads too — aren’t the same as when they left. But that doesn’t mean they’re not as good as they once were. Quite the opposite, in fact. (Now how can we get employers to realize that?). Elite Nannies On Call show you some tips for back to work after having a baby.

1. Organize your day. Figure out with your partner the drop-off and pick-up routine. Then when you get to the office, there’s a to-do list and a time that you actually have to leave the office, stat. In other words, no more alt-tabbing to check Twitter one last time or comment on your friend’s newest Facebook photo. You are a new, efficient working machine because you have to get home.

2. Talk to your boss on your first day. Sit down, go through projects you missed while you were out. Get up to speed on some of them and talk about your role now that you’ve returned to this world. Someone’s been handling this while you were out. Ask if you should let him or her run with it, or whether you should jump right in. By talking about it, that might help you transition in rather than dive (or perhaps awkwardly belly flop) in. You can suggest that this person finish up that project and you’ll manage that next one. Makes sense, right?

3. Stay connected at home through caregiver’s texts. It’s hard, emotionally, to leave this baby, and often you have to come back after too short of a time with your child. Ask whether the daycare center or nanny can give updates to you along the way and know that a lot of people have gone through this, too. Contact other working parents and find some advices to live this new challenge.

4. Know your limits. You might have to say no to a project or two. Try to figure out what your new life can allow. And that can be a sign of strength. Rather than taking something on and not doing a good job, have a conversation about how to do it effectively.

5. Find support. Start a working parent support group in your company.  You may be able to help each other, those who have been through it can help those coming, and if there is ever an issue, you can talk to management together to get it taken care of. Or got an excepcional nanny with Elite Nannies On Call, is an excellent option to find support for the care of your children.

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