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 Summer Tutor.
Benefits of a Summer Tutor. Call now Elite Nannies On Call

Benefits of a Summer Tutor- Nannies/ Tutors available through Elite Nannies On Call

Ever wonder what is a defining factor in having academically inclined children when you are a parent that works outside the home?  According to the The National Academy of Science (NAS) the household help plays a viable source in your child’s academic growth.

The NAS study shows that families that hire exceptional childcare providers (i.e., providers who have experience in teaching, child development, child psychology, etc.) are in a stronger position to have their children excel academically in a school setting.  Children of working parents who do not have the opportunity to be exposed to “homework helpers” are less likely to achieve as well in school.


Being able to assist a child with their homework helps the childcare provider/ parents identify problems or difficulties students may encounter when learning, thus providing an avenue to address the issue in a one to one capacity where the child is exposed to other avenues to overcome those issues that may have arisen.  Homework is an important daily task for a child as it gives the opportunity for the child to review what they have learned during the day at school and prepare for the next day’s curriculum.  Homework expands a child’s educational resources by being an instrumental tool in guiding their knowledge in academic exploration, manage their time, meet deadlines, and become more independent.

Childcare providers such as nannies help children in developing an intrinsic desire to learn and support self-discipline, both precursors in ultimately helping a child be successful in school.  It also gives the opportunity and promotes children to gain self-confidence and a healthy self-esteem.

Reference: The National Academy of Science

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