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Thalya Olmos, Managing Director of Elite Nannies in Miami a top Miami nanny agency rated by CBS4Miami. Unique nannies who are educators, ABA therapists, and qualified/ experienced nannies who will help your child reach their milestones. Not your ordinary nanny is provided, only the best.

Are you tired, exhausted, overworked, anxious, and overwhelmed….you deserve a break! Having a child with autism can be a challenge. It’s easy for families to get over-stressed as they deal with their family’s needs, while trying to juggle daily living activities and manage work and other responsibilities.

Parents often sacrifice their own health and well-being to meet the care-giving needs of their children. Research has demonstrated that respite services can make a significant positive difference in the lives of families, allowing them to take a break and increase their social and emotional well-being. It is also shown to have a positive impact on family relations (Cowen & Reed, 2002).
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    • Learn more about Elite Nannies On Call Special Needs Division with an Expert Interview with Ms. Thalya Olmos, Founder of Elite Nannies On Call.



    After several years working with children with autism and behavioral challenges as an Executive Director of a non-profit ABA school located in South Florida, Ms. Olmos decided to venture out in the childcare world with the hopes of utilizing her knowledge to the best of her capabilities and provide new programs and services while still contributing to the future of our community, our children. This is where the idea of Elite Nannies On Call came about and eventually branching out and creating a new division within ENOC that serves to the special needs population.


In this interview, Ms. Olmos answers questions about Respite Services and autism.

What type of training does ENOC provide to their Nannies and Elite Care Specialists?

Every Nanny and “Elite Care Specialist” (Autism Specialist) receives individualized training such as: fundamentals of child development/ learning, Applied Behavioral Analysis 101, communication between care taker and family, and advanced autism training workshops to help support the staff in their skills and qualifications while at the same time maintaining a quality of service and care that leads the industry in childcare placement and services.

We are the first in South Florida to make this distinction due to our mission being that we truly want to be part of your child’s development in order to make a difference in the future of our community. No other Nanny Referral Agency has revolutionized the childcare placement industry as we have.

How difficult is it to recruit Nannies and Autism Specialists who have the skills and qualifications to be exceptional candidates for families in need?

Generally speaking it has not been difficult to recruit qualified candidates. We do have a higher expectation for our nannies and care specialists. Most if not all have their Bachelor of Science in Psychology, Elementary Education, Special Education and Child Psychology, as well as having their Masters in the aforementioned in addition to certifications such as Behavior Analyst (BCBA). This helps in the sense that we are dealing with a candidate pool that already has the desire and knowledge to make a difference in our future, the children we serve.

We at Elite come in as any organization does when hiring and promoting professional development with their own employees; we assess their skills and qualifications, see what their best qualities are and expand from those sets of skills. A process that we take seriously and implement with much rigorous effort, distinguishing us and setting us apart from any Nanny Referral Agency.

What is the main reason for this Special Needs Division serving individuals with autism and similar disorders?

Autism affects an entire family, an entire community as a matter of fact. I think once we all realize that, we can create programs and services to serve this population that is quiet prevalent in our society today. I think the ancient African proverb, “It Takes a Whole Village to Raise a Child,” fits best to describe our mission at Elite Nannies On Call.

As well, so many aspects of family life are specifically affected such as finances, social relationships, daily life activities, etc. Respite services are dire to these families as it helps them to regain balance in their lives by providing temporary relief.

Elite Nannies On Call has been Rated top Miami Nanny Agency by CBS-4Miami- Miami nannies, nannies in Miami available for Live In, Live Out, Part Time, Short term, and On Call. We also have a special needs Autism division.

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