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Children & Learning- Parents & Nannies in Miami- Miami Nanny Agency, Miami nannies, special needs Miami

 The importance of children and learning. The Learning to Read and Write Overview below (adapted from Neuman, Copple & Bredekamp, 2000) is a broad look at children’s language and literacy development from birth to approximately age eight, including children with special needs, children from diverse cultures and English language learners.  Parents/ Nannies are  encouraged to consider and discuss ways to incorporate the following aspects of literacy development into their family routines:


The Power and Pleasure of Literacy.  Children’s success with language and literacy requires opportunities to enjoy and value the power that comes with literacy.  A critical feature that supports this enjoyment is meaningful interactions with adults through positive literacy experiences.  When children see parents reading for pleasure, children see reading as a positive activity.


The Literate Environment.  A literate environment provides opportunities to broaden social knowledge and language development.  It includes use of print in purposeful ways, language-rich experiences with others, a variety and abundance of literacy materials, and representations of varied cultural and linguistic backgrounds. Language Development.  Language development involves understanding the role of language skills and word knowledge in meaningful contexts.  It is important that children experience a large quantity of discourse and a variety of language.  How language is used in home and educational settings influences children’s literacy learning.


Building Knowledge and Comprehension.  Through enriching experiences with their families and in educational settings, children build knowledge that allows them to assimilate new learning and refine knowledge and concepts. Phonological Awareness.  In infancy, children begin to attend to the sounds of speech.  Gradually children become more aware of the sounds around them that eventually lead to making connections between sounds and letters.


Letters and Words.  To become proficient readers, children learn that letters of the alphabet form patterns to become words.  In becoming skilled readers, they are able to use their beginning knowledge of letters and words to increase word recognition and support their efforts to read and write.


Types of Text.    When children become familiar with, experience, and distinguish different types of text (such as stories, conversations, poetry, dramatization, and messages) they are able to read and create these forms themselves.


Knowledge of Print.  Children develop knowledge of print when they observe and interact with others as they read, write, and use print for many purposes.  In addition, children’s awareness of letters, the general shape and length of familiar words, the mechanics of reading and writing, and features of text increase their knowledge of print and how it works.

References: (Neuman, Copple & Bredekamp, 2000)

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