Elite Nannies Miami and the Coronavirus

Elite Nannies Miami and the Coronavirus.  At Elite Nannies on Call, it has always been a top priority to keep nannies, parents and children safe and healthy. With that in mind, we want to remind everyone of a few of our policies that will help keep everyone healthy.

Washing hands – We always ask nannies to wash their hands when you arrive at your home. We have reminded the nannies of this and asked them to be extra vigilant in hand washing though-out the entire time they are in your home.

Nanny Illness – If your nanny feels at all unwell they know to notify our office so that we will have time to find you another nanny if necessary. If you choose to cancel instead or having a new nanny you will have that option as well.

Sick Children or parents – The health of nannies and families are equally important. Transparency from both parties with regards to illnesses is key to containing the spread of viruses. In light of this, we would ask that you fully disclose any illnesses you or any of your family members may have when you place a babysitting request. If anyone in your household is sick, even slightly, we will not be able to send out a nanny to your home. We strongly feel that it’s better to be extra cautious than risk spreading viruses.

If a nanny arrives at your home and they are uncomfortable staying due to one of the family members being sick they will notify the office immediately and will be allowed to leave the booking.

Travel – We have asked nannies who have travelled in the last month to not take any on call jobs. This is to protect the nannies as well as the families.

We will also be asking families if they have travelled in the last month and we’ll be passing that information along to nannies so they can make a decision of working with your family or not.

Your patience and understanding is appreciated as we keep up to date with everything that is happening. We’re focused on the future and we’re going to keep working hard to keep nannies, parents and children safe and healthy while providing the same extraordinary service you have come to expect after 10 years.

For up to date information please visit the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Let us know if you have any questions or concerns that we may answer for you.

Stay safe, many blessings to all.

Thalya Grace


(786) 496-2913

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