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Elite Nanny Agency Miami Elite Nannies On Call Miami – In her work as an estate manager, Kristin Reyes often finds herself fielding client requests for a special kind of child minder. “Callers will say to me, ‘Kristin, I need a modern Mary Poppins.’ Everyone knows what that means.”

It refers, Ms. Reyes went on to explain, to that old-fashioned paragon of patience, good cheer and decorum otherwise known as a governess. And, yes, she — most always a she — is back, a plucky hybrid of tutor and life coach in rising demand among affluent families scrambling to educate their offspring in the midst of a pandemic.

School shutdowns and social limitations have lent their search a particular urgency. “For the past six or eight weeks we’ve been slammed with educator and governess requests, from all over the country,” said Thalya Olmos, the founder and chief executive of Elite Nanny Agency Elite Nannies On Call, a domestic staffing agency.

Orders began doubling as families girded for a fall semester and the rigors of remote learning, Ms. Rogers said: “During the pandemic, we’ve done very well.”

The contemporary governess may work in a formal household, staffed with drivers, cooks, housekeepers and the like. But unlike a conventional nanny she is expected to provide a high-end version of home-schooling.


Elite Nanny Agency Miami –  As often as not the job calls for a fancy pedigree that may include an advanced degree from an Ivy institution, a facility with languages, and manners that rival those of a marquise.

But the position has been democratized to some degree. ”It’s no longer exclusive to high-net-worth families,” Ms. Reyes said. During a health crisis that shows no signs of abating, two- career families will seek out a governess to function as a proxy parent to their toddlers or teenagers.

Elite Nanny Ana-Christina Alfonso, 42, who has worked for a family in Miami Beach since August, described the job more pragmatically. “The governess is a liaison between home and school, responsible for education, but also for scheduling appointments and teaching the children to play,” she said.

Her job, well paid and sweetened with perks that have included a private apartment on her employer’s property, is the envy of some friends. “They have asked throughout the years, ‘What can we do to get into your field?’” she said.

“I have to explain that there is so much more involved. You’re not working an eight-hour day. You are expected to provide the conventional curriculum but also teach sports.

“One of the questions I was asked during an interview was, ‘Do you play tennis?’” she recalled. “I do. Tennis instruction was part of the arrangement.”

She is also expected to instill some form of etiquette. Not that you would ever hear Ms. Alfonso chirruping, Mary Poppins-style, “Close your mouth, Michael. We are not a codfish.”

“It isn’t as if you are sitting at a table at noon with a formal place setting, but if we are having a meal together, I will put the napkin on my lap,” she said. “In my experience, the child always mimics the adult.”

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Elite Nanny Agency Miami

reference article credit: Mary Poppins Returns! Some Modern Families Seek a Governess New York Times 

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