Feel Good Miami Mommies! Homemade Makeovers!

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Feel good Miami Mommies! Here are some homemade makeover to help you relax and feel good.

Feel Good Miami Mommies! Homemade Makeovers!

Living in South Florida can sometimes be a drag with the humidity and none stop rain.  Others may think we are just crazy for complaining since we live in the such beautiful weather.  Miami mommies out there, want to find a fun, relaxing, and inexpensive way to pamper yourself when you have some alone time at home during those dreary rainy days?  Well here are some suggestions…:)

Luminous skin and healthy hair are enough to make every Mami feel fabulous!  You don’t need expensive products to keep your luxurious locks and skin looking nourished and glowing.  Try indulging in these good-for-you foods to keep your best assets positively radiate!!!!!

Foods for Healthy Hair

  • Salmon
  • Spinach
  • Nuts
  • Poultry
  • Low-fat yogurt
  • Eggs


  1. Water. Staying hydrated prevents your hair from becoming dry and brittle. Also helps prevent wrinkles!!!!!
  2. Sea kelp- AKA seaweed.  This ocean grass has many health benefits including creating healthy hair growth and shine. It can be eaten, taken as a supplement, and found in organic beauty products.
  3. A diet regular in protein, complex carbs (like whole grains), B-complex, B12, folic acid, and zinc can be considered a recipe for a great hair day.


Foods for Healthy Skin


  1. Avocados: Make a great, soothing face mask!
  2. Oatmeal: Exfoliates dry, sensitive skin and removes dead old cells.
  3. Oils: Moisturize dry skin
  4. Organic strawberries: Brighten dull skin.
  5. Plain yogurt: Cools sunburn and soothes skin.


Reference: http://www.parentsconnect.com


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