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How to help your child succeed in school- As a parent, you are aware of the importance of a child’s first interactions during his/her first formative years of life, therefore, parents, in essence, are the first and foremost important teacher to a child.

The Parent Academy, a source of extensive resource for parents has released a guide handbook with tips on how to help your child succeed with the notion of being their first teachers. Below are just a few of their tips. You can visit for the complete guide.

Early Childhood

Your child is going through a critical learning stage from birth to age 5. There is so much that parents can do during this time to help their children develop school readiness skills.

• Nurturing and showing your child love is necessary for normal growth and development, so give them hugs and kisses frequently!

• It is important that parents and other caregivers talk with children, even infants, as often as possible. Developing language skills, such as oral language, helps your child develop pre-literacy skills.

• Positive discipline is also important. When a child does something that is not acceptable, please take the time to explain to him or her what was wrong, and talk about how you expect him or her to act.

School Age

• Set up a special quiet space in your home for your child to complete homework. Review your child’s homework together.

• Talk to your child about what they are learning in school. Schedule at least one family mealtime together each day.

• Monitor your child’s attendance. Visit your school’s attendance office and make sure that you are aware of the days that your child is reported as absent from school.-Become involved! Attend open houses, activities, parent conferences and join the PTSA(Parent-Teacher-Student Association).


The Parent Academy:

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