Keeping kids fit

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Keeping kids fit and the benefits. Parents and nannies in Miami, see why physical activity is so important.

Fitness Activites for your children during the summer – keeping kids fit

Participation in sports can have many benefits for children. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, “Participation in organized sports provides an opportunity for young people to increase their physical activity and develop physical and social skills.  However, to maximize the positive benefits that keeping kids fit has for children, a balance must be found that matches the child’s maturity, interests and skills with their sports participation.



Emotional Benefits

Children who participate in sports can also reap emotional benefits when they are given positive sporting role models and experiences. From sports children “learn the value of practice and the challenge of competition,” and these are lessons that children can learn to apply to other non-sporting parts of their lives. Given the right examples, children can also use sports to create a healthy self-image and a positive view of their body.

Physical Benefits

Organized sports allows children to learn physical skills in a relatively safe environment, with adults who are charged with maintaining the rules and safety of the participants. The American Academy of pediatrics states that “In contrast to unstructured or free play, participation in organized sports provides a greater opportunity to develop rules specifically designed for health and safety.” Sports also give children the opportunity to be physically active and develop a healthy lifestyle that supports their athletic endeavors. Physical activity as children can help lessen their risk of developing adult diseases such as diabetes and heart disease.

Social Benefits

Children who participate in sports can learn social skills such as taking turns and teamwork. They can also learn about responsibility to a team and how everyone needs to do their part for the team to be successful. Through sports, children learn how to take direction from a coach and adapt to different situations. Also, through sports, children have the opportunity to make friends with other kids with similar physical interests.


It is the recommendation of the American Academy of Pediatrics that regular physical activity should be encouraged for all children, whether or not they participate in sports. Parents should watch that their children are continuing to have fun and make sure that they, as parents, are not pushing their child beyond his limitations.

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