Leverage your Employer Solutions- Miami Nannies On-Call Nanny Program for Local Miami Businesses

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Leverage your Employer Solutions- Meet the Needs your Employees Entering their Child-rearing Years


It is well established that local businesses such as top law firms take pride in the talent of its people, the depth of their expertise, and the teamwork employed in responding to their clients’ needs.  To effectively recruit and retain talented attorneys and staff members, law firms for example, as well as any others thriving within the client service industry, must provide a competitive set of benefits that helps employees effectively balance their work and personal lives.


Even with a variety of programs such as maternity and parental leave, flexible work arrangements, and dependent care, top local businesses still needed to provide a deeper solution for its working parents entering their child-rearing years.


The Elite Value Proposition:

Increasingly, companies recognize that offering backup childcare is a win-win proposition.

What do employers gain from offering child care programs?

  • Reduced turnover
  • Improved performance
  • Positive morale
  • Decreased absenteeism
  • More flexible scheduling
  • A recruitment tool
  • Employee advancement opportunity
  • Improved public image


Which means?

  • Positive return on investment
  • Positive impact on bottom line


By expanding and meeting the needs of working parents who experience breakdowns in their regular child care arrangements, along with prompting a culture that supports their use; companies experience a significant return on investment.


These organizations benefit from reduced absenteeism, stronger retention, and a workforce that is more engaged in and committed to the success of their organization.


This in turn leads to successfully retain prime leading talent and key employees in an extremely competitive market. By providing the supports that working parents need, the company has experienced a significant return on its investment, including:


  • Enhanced recruiting competitiveness
  • Reduced absenteeism by assisting  and improved productivity and

partners and employees with their back-up child care issues

  • Strengthened company culture by providing quality care for the children

of its partners and employees


To find out more about ENOC Back-Up Child Care Program please contact Thalya Olmos at (305) 771-3816 or (954) 319-4441.

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