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Miami family tips- We all know how important it is to keep healthy as well as teaching our children a healthy lifestyle.  Why not do both, together, and create a time to bond with your little ones?  Here are five tips on keeping active with your kids.

Plan outdoor activities

Set aside one day a week to do something active as a family: beach or pool swimming, hikes in national parks, or biking around your neighborhood. Taking along a picnic lunch with some healthy snacks after your excursion will help the day go by without a complaint.

Take a class together

Ask around at fitness clubs and community centers in your area about yoga or aerobics classes offered to parents and kids together. If your little one is too young to participate, look for classes that help you burn calories with your baby by incorporating them into your yoga moves or pushing them along during stroller workouts Miami. 

Redo your family room

Too often, family rooms are the center of laziness in a home: a comfy couch, a video-game console, a shelf full of DVDs, and nothing to encourage fitness or physical activity. There are ways to add in subtle reminders, however, without overhauling your entire room or dragging in a giant piece of workout equipment. Set a time limit on weekly television viewing and incorporate items such as a yoga mat, colorful alphabet floor covers, small weights, can help as reminders.

Make chores fun

Instead of delegating  chores to each family member to do separately, turn chores into a game you can all do together. Race to see how fast you can get the house cleaned, and then try to beat your old time the next week. Play music while you’re doing laundry, and enlist the kids to sing and dance while helping to fold and put clothes away. Take the dog for walks together and enjoy the outdoor scenery pointing out the birds chirping or how beautiful the palm trees in your neighborhood may look.

Make over your meal plan

This isn’t necessarily a fitness tip, but it’s also worth mentioning: Families that eat healthier also tend to have other healthy habits, such as regular physical activity. If you want to slim down after having a baby or just want to eat better overall, get your entire family involved and you’re more likely to succeed. Take kids to the farmers’ market, let them pick their own fruits and vegetables, and involve them in the food preparation. They’re much more likely to enjoy their meals—and to clean their plates.

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