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Weekly Miami Parenting Tips

As a parent we often wonder if we are doing the correct things when it comes to parenting and guiding our children.  At times, life stressors may a part on how we communicate and react to our little human beings.  Please see our top five Miami parenting tips of the week below.  Any suggestions and/ or comments is appreciated.  As always have a blessed end of the week and weekend <3.

Parenting Tip 1: Ask for your child’s opinion. Kids develop opinions very early; ask them what they are, ask them why, listen to their responses. It doesn’t mean you have to give in to those opinions, just that you should respect them.

Parenting Tip 2: Encourage your kids to walk in another’s shoes. Respect and esteem for others goes hand-in-hand with self-esteem.

Parenting Tip 3: If you get angry, explain why you’re angry. And don’t just give negative feedback, explain it: “This disappoints me because I know you can do a much better job.”

Parenting Tip 4: Always acknowledge a job well done. Even if you’ve set an expectation of high performance for your kids, telling them they did a good job helps motivate them to maintain those standards.

Parenting Tip 5: Help your kids problem-solve when appropriate, but don’t always solve their problems for them. Some issues definitely require adult intervention, but others only require good advice. Resist the urge to hand your child a solution. Instead, ask him if he needs your help deciding what to do and then share your views.

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