Nannies in Miami – need a short term nanny while traveling?

Using a Traveling Short Term Nanny?

Nannies in Miami.  Hiring a nanny  to come work in your home for a couple of hours is one thing, but bringing her along on a trip as an employee is another.

The first thing you have to ask yourself is whether you like this person. Of course you like them, they watch the most precious beings in your life.  But do you like to be around, them spending time in the kitchen talking?  I am not saying you have to be the best of friends – they are still an employee.  But if this is the type of person who you trust completely with your children, who adores them, and is a terrific caregiver however, you cannot wait to get out of the house when they arrive because you’re just not too fond about being around them – then this person is not the one to hire for a vacation getaway with your family.

Secondly, you need to know that your nanny will not be on vacation, she will be working, so even though you feel like you have provided her with an opportunity to see the world, the truth is that she would much rather do in her own time.

You will always come across some nannies that really enjoy the idea of traveling with the family, especially if they have no commitment to a family or  children and also to no school or personal commitments as well.  These types of nannies are much more flexible when it comes to traveling.

Taking the nanny with you can be quite expensive, because you are required to pay for her travel fees such as visa fees and ticket fees, lodging expenses and food.  Most families take their nannies just for the fact the peace of mind, plus for the flexibility of the parents having to be on their own on date nights while on vacation. Parents say at peace knowing that the children are with a person they already know versus a hotel nanny, plus they don’t have to worry about the child/children throwing tantrums because they have been left with someone they are not familiar with considering the children are not in a familiar environment.

Before the time of travel, make sure you and your nanny discuss what is to be expected from her during the travel and if possible, discuss the scheduling of what activities your family intends on participating in during this travel. This usually gives the nanny a rough idea of what to expect as far as her conduct with the children. Discuss workload, hours, nanny time off and compensation.

Nannies are usually compensated a higher rate than on the nanny’s weekly salary for travel. You have to consider that you are taking your nanny away from her everyday out of work responsibilities, so there has to be an incentive for her to agree to come with you.  We recommend you make sure your nanny have some alone time within the vacation time just so you don’t overburden her leaving her extremely burnt out after you get back home.

Some families have the habit of having the nanny share a room with the kids, if this agreement seems suitable between you and your nanny then great, but this always seems to leave a bad taste in the mouth of the nanny.

Elite Nannies On Call temporary nannies provide professional childcare to families on a short-term basis. Clients use this service when they are in-between nannies, still deciding on a long-term childcare solution, need a nanny to accompany the family on vacation, or need coverage for several weeks or months. A temporary nanny can be booked for several weeks or months on a part-time or full-time basis.

Temporary nanny’s hourly salary is $16-$20 per hour, depending on the childcare provider’s level of experience and the number and ages of children. Rate is determined at the beginning of the search.

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