Nanny Job Do’s & Dont’s- Nanny Etiquette

We all want to perform to the best of our capabilities especially when we have so much responsibility to a family and their loved ones.  Here are some tips to help you guide you “On your Nanny Job”.

Nanny Job Dos & Don’ts

Cell-phones/Earphones – Have a clear idea of what employers expect in terms of your ability to talk on your cell phone or listen to music when you are on the job. Realize that they may not be okay with you listening to music or talking on the phone, even if they do.

Taking Personal Days Off—Give your employer as much notice as possible if you need to take a day off. Obviously this doesn’t include emergencies, but if you have medical appointments, etc., lead time is crucial for working parents to make necessary plans. If you can help with replacements that the employer knows and trusts, all the better.

Your Relationship with the Kids— Face it, mothers don’t want their kids to like the nanny better, so balance your feelings and relationships with the kids carefully. If the kids are calling you “Mommy,” quickly teach them to call you something else. Furthermore, comments such as, “I’ve raised that baby since she was born. She’s really my child” can be taken as a slight to the mother and cause employers to feel that you are undermining their job as “primary caretaker.” No matter who you are talking to (especially the mother) keep these comments or feelings to yourself (even if they are true!)

Discussing Bad Mommies in Public – Unhappy in your job or with your employer? While you may be frustrated with your employer, watch what you say to other people and don’t badmouth them. Especially don’t talk about your frustrations in front of 1) the kids (no matter how old) and 2) at the playground in earshot of mothers who might know your employer. Talk to people you trust in a secure location. (Don’t worry, I’ll be telling mommies the same thing in another document).

Gossip – No matter what you do or how well you’re doing your job, at some point you may end up having people talk about you behind your back, either to your employer or among their friends. There are even websites devoted to anonymous reports of “bad” nannies (some of whom might deserve it, alongside others who are being unfairly targeted). Either way, it’s an unfortunate part of the territory, and there’s little you can do to stop it except to keep doing your job the way you know how and hope that the gossipers eventually lose interest and move on. If you feel like it’s getting out of hand, you might want to bring it up with your employer so they know your side of the story; they’ll appreciate your candor, and you won’t be as distracted wondering what they might be hearing from somebody else.

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