Nanny Jobs Miami – March 1, 2016

Nanny Jobs Miami – Are you an Elite Nanny or an Elite Housekeeper?  Would you like to:

  • Find  nanny jobs in  Miami/Ft. Lauderdale or the Palm Beach area?
  • Find employment that meets your schedule, location, and salary requirements?
  • Care for and nurture young children or provide companionship and care for seniors?
  • Have a job that you love and loves you back?
  • Provide fun learning and age appropriate activities?
  • Make a real contribution to a child’s life?

We are currently accepting resumes for extraordinary nannies.  If you have special qualifications (i.e., special needs, newborn exp., etc.) this is a wonderful plus!!!!!!!!

Are you looking for an exceptional nanny job in Miami? Available nanny jobs Miami with Elite Nannies On Call!
Are you looking for an exceptional nanny job in Miami? Available nanny jobs Miami with Elite Nannies On Call!

By registering with Elite Nannies On Call you get the benefit of working with experienced and knowledgeable staff that take the time to know you and your interests.  Elite Nannies On Call cares about our Nannies and training them to be “The Best Nanny” they can be! So if you are looking for exceptional nanny jobs, registering with Elite Nannies will provide just that, and more!

“If you want to further and distinguish your career as a Nanny while truly making a difference in a child’s life and development, Elite Nannies On Call is the place for you.  Our reputation as an agency that personalizes their services and confirms that our Nannies are highly trained child caregivers making us the most sought after childcare placement in the field.  Our mission is not just to provide any type of childcare services; we provide only the services that make a difference with our families and the future of our community.”
Thalya G. Olmos, Managing Director of Elite Nannies On Call

Why risk working for less than “ONLY THE BEST” tailored to YOU and the families’ who we serve?

Our Nannies PAY NO FEES at all- not even agency/ placement fees. With Elite Nannies On Call you don’t have to worry about negotiating for your hourly rate. We take care of everything! Elite Nannies have the peace of mind knowing that they are getting“Only The Best Care and Protection” a nanny agency can offer.

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Looking for a permanent, part-time or short term Miami nanny solution? Elite Nannies On Call helps South Florida families finding their extraordinary and uniquely qualified Miami nanny for their needs.

Miami – Florida 990 Biscayne Blvd, Suite 503 FL 33132

+ 1 (754) 332-6644

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