Nanny Services Miami – Perks of using a Nanny Service

Nanny Services Miami. So you may ask, “What’s are the benefits of hiring a Nanny?”  Here are just a few reasons why you may consider  Nanny Services  vs. daycare for your child’s needs:

1. One-to-one individualized care for your child. With Elite Nannies on Call, our specialized nannies are skilled to be able to run educational programs focusing specifically on your child’s needs. As well, individualized care is especially desirable in the infant years. Babies are held more often, comforted when crying.

2. Your child is cared for in a familiar and comfortable environment, your home. Also, you can set programs, activities and events within the community to focus on your child’s needs and desires while socializing with other children.

3. One-to-one instruction is given which is important to adapting to your child’s learning style and personality.

4. Convenience for parents. Parents do not have to dress and pack up kids to transport them to outside care.

5. Less illness. Children do not catch every illness that is going around. Parents are not required to find sick care for their child or to take as much time off to care for a sick child.

6. Many times, parents enjoy a more flexible schedule. If parents need to leave early in the morning and cannot return by the standard closing time of a daycare center, nanny care is sometimes a much better alternative.

7. More control over values, rules your child is exposed to. Parents can communicate to Nanny the way things are done and ask that the Nanny follows family rules, teach family values, etc.

8. A little help around the house 🙂 such as light cooking, laundry, tidying, sanitizing toys, and much much more giving you extra time to spend with your child and your family at home.

So what is the right answer, daycare or nanny? I certainly can’t tell you that, though, it seems just about everyone else will have an opinion! The important thing is to do your research, find quality caregivers (whether at home or in a daycare setting) and do what you think is most suitable as you, the parent, are the only one who truly knows best! 🙂


Elite Nannies On Call– a specialized nanny agency with branches in Miami-Dade, Broward, and the Palm Beaches, providing extraordinary nanny placement services, in addition to Full-Time, Part-Time and Short Term nanny placements at an exceptional standard of quality and reliability to private families, film industry clients and top hotels.

 Rated Best Nanny Agency in Miami by CBS Miami

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Looking for a permanent, part-time or short term Miami nanny solution? Elite Nannies On Call helps South Florida families finding their extraordinary and uniquely qualified Miami nanny for their needs.

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