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As a caregiver we know that it can be tough sometimes when it comes to raising others’ children.  Open communication is imperative between the Nanny and the parents in order to all be on the same page.  Here are five nanny tips that can help you make sure you are doing the best you can as a family’s nanny.

  • Do provide discipline without using physical punishment. Most parents won’t like the idea of anyone but them smacking their child, if they even approve of smacking at all.
  • Do consider the safety of the kids in while still trying to have fun – such as applying sunscreen, wearing hats and drinking water on hot days, having the children wear a jacket when it’s cold outside and holding their hands when crossing the street.
  • Do ensure children are fed and put down to nap at the times set by the parents to ensure the children don’t fall out of a routine.
  • Do assist with children’s learning by doing things like reading and allocating time for them to do their homework and following their interests.
  • Do take notice of the things the children do and say so you can keep the parents informed of how they are growing and developing.

Remember, being a nanny is a crucial role in a child’s upbringing.  A nanny job has a lasting impression on the children who are being served while at the same time providing rewarding personal experience that you made a difference in a child’s life.  Cherish that and the work that you do, your family and the children you care for will forever remember the work you have done. <3

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