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Five nanny tips to help Nannies, Au Pairs, Babysitters

Hi everyone!  Happy Tuesday!  Today is our Nanny Tuesday day of the week.  So do you sometimes feel like you need to refocus with your role as a nanny/ child care provider.  Below we have some nanny tips to help.  Any more suggestions, please give us a shout.  We appreciate your feedback.  Have a most blessed day and rest of the week.

Love, The ENOC Family

  • Create and maintain consistency with the parent’s wishes and household routines. Communication with parents is key, establishing up front communication about what parents want and desire from your care of their children is of the utmost importance! Don’t be afraid to ask questions! Creating fluidity across the board will help children understand what is expected from them when all expectations and consequences are the same with parents and nannies alike.
  • Keep it fresh! Don’t get redundant with activities, switch it up and introduce new activities based on the child’s interests. This will keep it interesting and fun for both you and the kids. Check out our Pinterest for TONS of ideas to keep your kids busy and entertained.
  • Be balanced. Finding that balance between being the caregiver and being the friend is what separates an average nanny from a great nanny. Knowing when to step into the silly play time role and when to be firm and patient is so important. Think about how you want the kids to interact with you, if they see you as just a playtime friend, they may not listen or take instruction from you. If they see you as just someone who tells them what to do, they may not be having fun. Finding that balance in the middle allows the nanny-child bond to be one based off of mutual friendship and fun, but also respect.
  • Go above and beyond. Not in charge of any housekeeping but see a disheveled room or a couple dishes in the sink? Clean it up! We’re not saying go to town on the whole house, but wiping a counter or folding a blanket can be super helpful. Definitely make sure the children have an active part in learning to clean up after themselves, but putting in a small extra amount of effort can go a long ways in the eyes of the parents.
  • Be Sensitive. Be Patient. Don’t ever forget that you are present in another family’s home. This is their personal, private space where their children are raised and should always be respected. They have allowed you to come into their world and that takes a special amount of trust. Respect the house rules and remember to keep the children first. Always be present.

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