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Newborn Care Miami. Hi Miami Moms, As a first time mommy here, there have been so many questions and concerns that have crossed my mind regarding newborn care and where to find newborn care services.  Along with the happiness comes the normal parental fears and concerns in wanting to make sure you do everything right for your precious little one that will soon be cradled in your arms.  I came across this article regarding newborn care Miami, Baby Milestones: What Baby Will Do When,  and wanted to shared some of the milestones we as parents, whether it’s our first time or not, should be aware of.  To read more and read the complete list of the milestones, please visit The Bump for all information regarding pregnancy, newborns, baby gear, baby tools, etc.  Happy Reading! Much Love, Thalya


When it’s likely to happen: Baby should start crawling between six and nine months.

How to encourage it: Give baby plenty of tummy time and free playtime on the ground. “Get down on the ground with him and show him a bright-colored toy, move the toy a foot away from him and then coax him to move toward the object,” suggests Altmann.

What if baby misses the mark: Don’t stress — he may be right on track anyhow. “Many experts don’t consider crawling a milestone, because a lot of infants won’t crawl at all,” says Altmann. She usually tells parents her definition of crawling is simply the method baby uses to get from one place to another. He could be wriggling on his tummy, rolling, scooting — it doesn’t have to be the typical hand-and-knees crawl most parents visualize.

Rolling Over

When it’s likely to happen: Some infants start to roll as early as three months, but on average, it’s usually more like four to six months, says Altmann. “Initially, she’ll probably roll from front to back, and then she’ll master rolling back to front. Very often, baby will get stuck and may get upset and cry.” It’s important, though, to avoid leaving baby alone on an elevated surface long before that age, since babies start wriggling enough to fall pretty early on.

How to encourage it: Get down on the ground and talk to baby, cheering her on. Hold blocks or toys just out of reach so she can flip over trying to reach them.

What if baby misses the mark: If your baby isn’t trying to roll over by six months of age, let your pediatrician know. Most likely, she says, baby just needs more time. But if she’s not making any effort, that could be a sign something else is going on.


When it’s likely to happen: A baby should be smiling back at his parents around two months of age, but there are some instances when it may take a little longer, says Altmann, like if baby was born prematurely.

How to encourage it: You’re probably already doing it. Talk to baby and throw some smiles his way.

What if baby misses the mark: “Smiling is really one of those first milestones I’m looking for as a pediatrician,” says Altmann. “If the baby isn’t smiling back at the parent by two months of age, I want to keep a close eye on him. Sometimes it will happen by three months, but if not, that’s when I’ll get concerned about possible neurological issues.”

Sleeping Through the Night

When it’s likely to happen: Generally, after four months of age, an infant should be able to sleep at least six to eight hours straight without feeding, says Altmann. And by six months of age, they should be able to go at least 8 to 10 hours without a feeding.

How to encourage it: Let baby sleep! Slowly start extending the time between nighttime feedings until you get there. And don’t rush to pick up baby the moment she cries at night. She needs to learn that if she wakes in the night, she doesn’t need you to help her fall back asleep again.

What if baby misses the mark: If she’s not sleeping through the night by six to eight months, it might just be because you’re hitting the nursery too often at night, says Altmann, and you may want to consider backing off. But you may still want to mention it to your pediatrician — if baby keeps crying and can’t fall asleep, that can be a sign of gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD).

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