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Rated Miami’s Best Nanny Agency-Exceptional Nannies in Miami, Live In Nanny, Live Out Nanny.  We all know how difficult it may be to continue instilling those reading habits throughout the year.  Try to keep the same reading routine may not be easy or feasible, so aim for 3 to 4 days a week type of schedule. Make reading with your child a priority for you, your family, and those who care for your child (nannies, etc.).

Reading Routines for your Children

One way to facilitate this is by having a designated time for reading, such as at bedtime or before or after a nap. Allow your child to choose the book. Know that children who are really interested, engaged and learning will choose the same book over and over. It’s OK! Keep reading that book. It’s a sign of success!

Remember that it’s never too early to start promoting literacy and language development skills, even if your child is an infant. So what else can you do?

• Read every day if possible.
• Reading for only a few minutes is OK. Don’t worry if you don’t finish the book. Young children have short attention spans that will grow longer with age and practice.
• Talk or sing about the pictures. You don’t have to read the words to “read” the book.
• Have fun with the book: Let your child turn or help turn the pages.
• Show the cover of the book and explain what the book is about. Then show the words by running your finger along left to right if you are reading the words.
• Create different voices for the characters or animals in the story.
• Make it personal by relating the pictures or story to your own family, pets or family events.
• Ask questions and let children ask questions. Let these questions help engage children in conversation, talk about other familiar activities and give meaning and understanding to the story.
• Let your child tell the story. It doesn’t have to be perfect or detailed, just the main ideas. Getting the details or sequence of events will come; that’s why reading the same book many times is so beneficial.
• Laughing and being silly or mimicking what is happening makes reading and sharing books memorable.

Remember to have FUN while reading with your child! 🙂

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