New Mommy Alert- Speech Development in Toddlers

Speech Development- As a first time parent myself, I usually find myself questioning, “Am I doing this whole parent thing right” or “How can I help my baby reach her fullest potential/ milestones?” Luckily I stumbled on these two super informative blogs:  Toddler Approved and Playing with words 365.  They both provide such great resources for toddlers and especially for speech development.  I ran across a great article on Toddler Approved that was from Playing with Words 365 on ways to help your toddler with speech development.  As a new mommy and working with child care professionals as well, I have encountered many parents, nannies and families that are concerned with a child’s speech development.  For this reason I thought it would be a great idea to share with all of you, especially our nannies who work so hard in making a difference in the children they care for.  

To read about the 5 tips shared on  Playing with Words 365 regarding Toddler Approved please visit:

Five Tips to Help Your Toddler Learn Language and Communicate {via Playing with Words 365}


Much love,

Thalya and Liah Love


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