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“Am I going to be a good mother? I still do not want to change who I am. Everyone says that once your baby arrives, you will automatically fall into that nurturing role of mother.” Other more  funny random thoughts of a first time pregnant mom.

Thoughts of a first time pregnant mom
This is me (Thalya Olmos) I when was pregnant mom of my first child, Liah.
  • 35 weeks pregnant and working. Feeling the duality kick in everyday now: Shouldn’t I be at home preparing for my little one’sarrival since I waited for the last minute to do any planning anyways? Am I a bad mother because I am fretting when I will be able to go back to work even though I want and need to spend nurturing time with my little one?
  • Placenta encapsulation? Ewwwwww…NO!!!! WAIT, WHAT? Lessens “Baby Blues”- happy pill and helps in lactation….BRING IT ON!!!!! Who’s gonna collect my placenta and make sure I have my pills by day four of postpartum please? “Honey, put it on the top of our list please and make sure you don’t forget unless you want me to tear your head off….love you!” 🙂
  • Financial stress: Is it bad to admit that besides the fact that I am going to breastfeed for the overall benefit of my little princess, I am also excited with the fact that it will not create another expense? When they tell you to try to be financially stable when starting a family, I tell you  they sure are not kidding!
  • First time mom & business owner here Mompreneur:  grateful for having the opportunity to work from home and be a pregnant mom, but still stressing since I am only into my second year (2 1/2 years) of my business, hence, revenue is depleted back into the business every moment possible…

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  • Doulas – Nooooooo another expense? HMMMMM…you do what? Me to my husband, “I need a Doula, I need her now, I need someone who understands me and coaches me through this, you got that and NO, I don’t want you to do it OK (no offense baby, I love you)?!?!?!?!
  • Best prenatal vitamin- OMG! this was super stressful, besides the fact it was difficult to find that one prenatal vitamin that met all the dosage requirements needed, I think I finally got it though and it wasn’t that one super capsule either, more like a couple of capsules a day!
  • Birth Without Fear- still trying to get there 🙂
  • Am I going to be a good mom?  I still do not want to change who I am…is this selfish?  Everyone says that once your baby arrives, you will automatically fall into that nurturing role of a mother, but still scared and anxious.
  • Cloth diapers- yeah, that was the plan at the beginning…still is, but it might have to wait till after her birth, I am so overwhelmed as it is!

Being a first time mom is not an easy task.  If you may feel overwhelmed or in need of a break, please feel free to Contact Us  at (305) 771-3816 or (954) 319-4441.

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