Top Five Tips to Stop Your Child from Whining- Nanny Services in Miami

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Top Five Tips to Stop Your Child from Whining- Nanny Services in Miami

Experts say parents must exercise caution when their children resort to whining. If you mock or ignore them, this might enrage them. It’s important to know WHY they are whining. If they feel it’s the only way to get your attention, it’s time to take stock of how much attention you’re giving your children. On the other hand, providing positive reinforcement by “caving” to their requests will only encourage them to whine more.

How we react to whining in children and what we say to redirect our kids can make a huge difference in whether or not they resort to this grating tone of voice when they are unhappy about something.

It’s also worth keeping in mind that whining becomes much less frequent as children get older.

5 ways to nip whining in the bud!

  1. Whine back. Let them see just how annoying it can be.
  2. Call a time out. Removing them from the situation should cut out the talk and give your head a break.
  3. Become a broken record. Tell them you won’t listen until they speak calmly – and then repeat that phrase until they do!
  4. Are you speaking gibberish to me? Even if you can make out what they are saying, tell them they must speak in a normal tone with proper enunciation for you to understand what they are saying.
  5. Practice, practice, practice! Practice speaking in a proper tone with your lil ones and praise them when they do so.

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