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Top 10 fun things to do with your kids this summer

As Childcare Specialists (nannies and parents alike) we all know that kids’ boredom leads to near-borderline insanity especially in this South Florida Miami Heat! You LOVE the children you care for to bits, but not having a round-the-clock activities schedule in essence leads to this temporary  parental and/or nanny insanity! We have all survived having children at home during the summer breaks. Trying to get the children to follow a general routine is important, but so is leaving enough flexibility to allow for spontaneity.
The list below has ten examples of fun outdoor activities that are beneficial for kids, their parents, and the nannies that care and love them to pieces. They’re great ways to keep children busy while helping the caregiver get through the day while stimulating the precious mind of a child, especially in the Miami heat!
Outdoor activities are great in building a closer relationship with young children, a treasure trove of opportunities to bond, to get to know one another and to have fun, while building memories that they will keep in their hearts throughout their lives.

Fun things to do:

  • Make and fly your own kites- there is nothing more satisfying than making your own kite and being able to fly it…Key Biscayne is a great area to either fly your own kites or rent one and fly!!!
  • Kiddie Barbeque- If you have one, use a mini barbeque pit. If not, you can make one out of empty tins. Just place a couple of charcoal briquettes in the kiddie barbeque pits. All the food is pre-cooked. The idea is to let the kids have fun making believe they’re really barbequeing. The real fun is being together as a group.
  • Camp out under the stars in the backyard. If you have a tent, great, if not then use old beds sheets and build a make-shift shelter. Not for smaller children who need to go to the loo every hour.
  • Look for seashells on the beach. Some beaches are great for sea shell hunting, some are not- Miami Beach is definitely one that is! 🙂  But the thing here isn’t about actually finding for sea-shells, it’s the HUNT that’s exciting. When (if) you’ve got a bunch of sea shells, use them to make a necklace or other crafts in the craft section of this lens.
  • Play water balloon games. There are lots of games you can play with balloons filled with wet, splashy water, and they’re ALL fun. Your only problem is whether you’ll run out of balloons before the fun ends!
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  • Set up a kiddie or portable pool- guaranteed to provide endless hours of fun, especially when the kids get all hot and bothered by the summer heat. Parental supervision is a must, especially if you have small children.
  • Volunteer at a Soup Kitchen or other local non-profit organizations in Miami- get in touch with your local community soup kitchen and ask about their day volunteer program. Get friends and families to volunteer for half a day in a soup kitchen. Not only an eye opener, but a reality check for you and the children.
  • Visit an orchard park such as Fairchild Tropical Botanical Garden or and pick fruits in Homestead- if you live near farms or orchards or don’t mind making the drive to Homestead, this would be a great activity away from the busy South Florida lifestyle.
  • Picnic in the park-  try South Pointe in Miami Beach or Kennedy Park in Coconut Grove, but in actuality you don’t need a park. A nice big ol’ shady tree (even in your backyard) will make a really nice place for a picnic. Have a hearty meal, lie down and watch the clouds go by as you make out imaginary animals with the kids.
  • Set up a lemonade or snow-cone stand- help kids learn to earn a little extra cash by selling lemonade or snow cones. Teach them the basics of running a small business. A great opportunity for children to experience life as a little entrepreneur.
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