Why Miami Families Are Hiring Private Educators Homeschooling

Why private educators – homeschooling Miami

Many of these families are hiring private educators to assist them, and here is why:

1They Value Their Children As Autonomous People

Progressive parents see each child as a unique and individual human being, and placing them in an institutionalized educational system doesn’t always jive with that. Homeschooling with a private educator provides the flexibility necessary for each child in a family to have their unique needs met.

2They Want to Follow Their Children’s Cues

Just as all children have different needs, they also have different talents, desires, and interests, and progressive parents see honoring those things as no less important. A private educator can help tailor your child’s education to include those talents and interests.

3They Want to Instill Their Family’s Values

Progressive parents want their children to live a life that reflects what they value, even if that means letting their children decide on their own values. They want their children’s education to be more than about reading and math, but also about social issues, growth mindsets, and egalitarian worldviews. With a private educator, parents have a partner in fostering the mindsets and values they encourage.

4They Prefer Outcomes to Arbitrary Rules

In a classroom of 20 to 30 kids, there has to be rules or there will be anarchy. But parents are beginning to question whether an environment with no speaking out of turn, raising your hand to go to the bathroom, or mastering the art of standing in line is the experience they want for their children. Private educators allow the school day to be focused on learning, exploring, and experiencing.

5They Want Living, Not Scheduling

A progressive parenting approach tends to conform family life to the natural rhythms and seasons of the people in it, not vice versa, and using a private educator allows this approach to continue, unimpeded, throughout a child’s education.

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